Delivering results in 4 strategic phases

Our clients’ Go-to-Market operations typically find themselves in one of four strategic phases of development.

Depending on each strategic phase,jobs to be done in Go-toMarket will vary significantly.

Prioritisation of these jobs will be dependent on an

  • The strategic direction
  • Balancing the short & the
  • long term results organisation’s capabilities.

Capability of the organisation is critical: Engagement & discipline / aptitude & attitude stretch not break blah blah

  • Our initial client engagements are centred on being on the same page, as to; where the organisation finds itself, and which page comes next.
  • Our engagements with clients are for the long term and we work, hands on day in day out with our clients’teams to deliver results.
  • Key to delivery is the concept that, less is more: a select number of tasks must be executed well, this means making tough choices as a team, on what not to do as well as what to do.
  • All of our solutions are fit-for-purpose and are laser focused on delivering results, we add no bells and whistles unless they add real value.

  • Entry is…
  • Expansion is…
  • Transformation is…
  • Continuous Improvement is…

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