Bernard & Cie deploys the efQTM methodology to prioritise workstreams and tasks:

“Mission command” requires leaders to engage the totality of their organisation, as effective organisations couple functional performance (“iQ”) with emotional engagement (“eQ”)

Many leaders know this, yet attempt to build one dimension through the other, often by investing in functional capability programmes, and hoping that this will in turn impact on their organisation’s engagement, or sometimes vice versa

Hope is not a strategy however – by measuring and acting on the organisation’s “effectiveness quotient” efQTM = (iQ, eQ), integrating and correlating both dimensions of effectiveness, leaders can focus on those specific interventions that truly build frontline effectiveness

By mapping the surplus or gap against either target or benchmark against both dimensions in a correlated way, an organisation, its functions, management levels, and particularly its capability areas can be plotted – thus informing clear decisions on focused interventions

The classic approach to capability building (simply closing functional gaps) is often slower, and always more resource-intensive, both in time and money

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