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Our client base recognises the two data truths, and finds us for these two reasons:

  1. A paucity of data can cause suffocation,
  2. Yet an abundance of data can cause drowning.

We will work with our clients to address both truths: we help our clients capture data that is actionable and relevant, and at the same time we assist in integrating and distilling disparate data sets to their essence.

  • We will not tell our clients what they already know; that would not add value.
  • Equally, we will not tell others what our clients didn’t know before, but know now; that would destroy value.
  • Whereas we may not talk about our clients, our clients do talk about us. We are always happy to facilitate peer to peer conversations on request, as we believe in cross-pollination.

Explain the quadrants.

Then say: As our clients select us, so do we select our clients: when we hear ‘we can do this ourselves’, we walk. Time is of the essence in an exponential world.

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