Frontline effectiveness: essence to the power of execution

A mid-size African market like Kenya has as many off-premise FMCG outlets as the whole of the EU(1).

Conversely, the EU has at least 20 times more on-premise than off-premise outlets(2).

In these complex markets which we will never call ‘fragmented’ because in our view all markets fragment share is determined by reach, and reach is determined by superior Go-to-Market execution.

More than ever, frontline effectiveness determines results in these complex markets.

Bernard & Cie operates in a deliberate niche: creating, transforming and improving Go-to-Market (GtM) operations in complex markets.

Exponential complexity requires GtM solutions that are leading edge under the hood, but rugged in use:

  • Simple, straightforward and actionable insights distilled to their essence, enabling real people to achieve real business results on the front line, day in and day out.
  • Solutions that are fit for purpose, and stretch not break.
  • Essence to the power of execution.

We operate in an exponential world.
LOAR, or the law of accelerating returns(3), stretches Moore’s law to all aspects of information, yet our grey matter hasn’t received an upgrade since the Middle Palaeolithic.
On the front line, the data noise is deafening, and the signals drown.
Integrating disparate big data bottom up, we distil to their essence. Essence to the power of your execution. With your frontline effectiveness in equilibrium.