Value Creation Through Frontline Effectiveness

In an exponential world, the amount of data available to operators has assumed chaotic proportions.

We create order, where others only see chaos and call it complexity: our clients act on bottom-up key performance drivers ex ante, instead of responding to top-down key performance indicators ex post. Plus: we are lean and thus fast. In turbulent change, time is of the essence, and size matters – inversely. Momentum Is mass times velocity (p=m.v), so the smaller the mass, the greater the velocity. Our turnaround times are measured in days not years.

In complex markets, where outlet universes are measured in the tens and even hundreds of thousands of outlets, superior Go-to-Market execution creates lasting value.

Historically, market leaders have relied on push-driven approaches: sell into wholesale and make the month. This approach is fast becoming obsolete: where one operator disrupts the market by creating pull from the total universe, all others have a simple choice: follow or fail.

Essence to the power of execution unleashes limited operational resource to deliver that pull, measurably and sustainably, day in day out: true frontline effectiveness.

Our engagements create sustainable value for our clients, based on the principle that success is determined by superior execution. Our solutions typically touch 3 out of the 4 levers of value creation:

GROWTH (de-averaging to distil likefor-like & storebase growth, underlying volume & value growth, including growth drivers)

MARGIN (deconstructing and reconstructing margin drivers e.g. price, mix, cost to serve)

CAPITAL EFFICIENCY (incorporating the full downstream value chain) We also engage on the 4th lever: Cost of Capital. We collaborate in multi-stakeholder partnerships to unlock access to credit, in environments where cash can be the scarcest commodity.