Scale-free experience, deployed to deliver results

Strategic consulting firms often deliver great strategies, yet not necessarily leave-behind solutions.

IT consulting firms often focus on the complexity of ‘what we can do with the data’, yet not necessarily on the simplicity of frontline actions.

We provide solutions that work for the frontline, mobilising our global know-how for hyperlocal action.

We help our clients create sustainable value day in, day out.

  • Bernard & Cie operates as a scale-free network
  • In our network, we harness decades of complementary experience, spanning many industries and geographies
  • Our proposition is straightforward: our value-add is not our impressive insights, but our clients’ business results
  • Being scale-free, we deploy those capabilities that are relevant for the task at hand, with short time-to-action turnarounds and consequently short payback periods
  • We will always measure the ‘client cash benefits’ of our engagements, and prefer to work on the basis of pay-for-success

We combine years of frontline experience and executive management with as many years in strategic consulting.

We started integrating and enriching data in the ‘90’s, applying new technology, new languages and new processes ahead of the curve ever since.

Our capability to programmatically visualise insights has always been at the core of what we do, and is an area we continue to invest heavily in.

Within our network, we may speak SQL, Python, R, D3, and various other languages. Yet importantly, we speak in plain language with our clients: we say what we do and we do what we say.